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Welcome to the wonderful world of Rummy, where we at Rummy Royal provide you with a wealth of Rummy gaming information and a medley of variations to play.
Are you looking for a fast paced card game to place your bets on? Well then you're in luck, Kalooki 40 is your game and we offer you all the tools you require to become an expert player. Try a similar variation as well, Kalooki 51, for an added challenge you're sure to enjoy.
Prefer a more strategy based game? Well than how about Mahjong? Now with Rummy Royal you can play Mahjong online, the Chinese version of Rummy. Just click "Download Mahjong" and you can easily begin playing today.
If you're more of a tried and true traditionalist then you'll want to take a good look at our "Rummy" and "Gin Rummy" sections. There you can find the traditional rummy rules to refer to, helpful gin rummy gaming strategies to gain wisdom from and an easy "Download Rummy" gaming platform to play with that even the most 'technically unfit’ will find easy to manage.
Looking to explore new territory? How about trying out some of the lesser known variations of Rummy- such as Canasta, Burraco, Okey or Tripoley. These games offer well seasoned players the injection of diversity they seek as well as the often desired additional challenge.
At Rummy Royal, we make it easy for you to learn new games! We break the various Rummy games down into simplified, easy to learn sections such as: Burraco Rules, Burraco Strategy, Burraco Online, or Okey Strategy, Okey Rules and more…
Read up on the various Online Rummy games, download the gaming platforms, for example Rummy 500, master the strategy and starting gaining big bucks at Rummy Royal today!
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