The game of Burraco

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Burraco is a game like any other when played - the excitement and the build up are infectious and a sign of how enjoyable the game can be - with one caution - learn the Burraco rules before trying to outwit other players!

Similar to the tension build up in any card game played for money, like Gin Rummy or even Traditional Rummy for instance, Burraco can get very heated. But if the rules are learnt properly, any argument can be won.

Most online card game sites will have the rules of the game wanting to be played. And lots of practise games are offered before playing for real money. The rules are crucial to any card game. Look at them and learn them. Standard Burraco rules say that all the number '2' playing cards and the Jokers can be used in place of any other card. That is important for beginner to know otherwise they would become very confused.

In Burraco, more than seven or eight people wanting to play means that 2 teams will have to be formed. Or just 2 people or 4 can play amongst themselves. Two full sets of playing cards are used, including extra jokers. The first person to lay down his cards has to pick up the pot assigned to him or his team, and then carry on playing. However, if the person manages to lay down - or meld - all his cards then the online Buracco rules refer to this as the pot being picked up while "In Flight".

As the game progresses, each player takes his turn by picking up a card from the pile of dealing cards. His turn ends when he 'throws away a card'. If the player has been able to meld his cards while In Flight, then he or his team scores extra points, however, he still has to discard one card. When studying the online Burraco rules, notice that it is similar to Canasta - but it is definitely not the same!