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Mahjong, also known as Mah jong, Mahjongg, Mah jonhh and Majian, originated in China as the name suggests. It dates right back to over two thousand years ago to the court of the Chinese King of Wu. This is more or less the same time that the Chinese philosopher, Confucius was alive and the game is often attributed to him. One of the lowest scores ever recorded in Mahjong is said to have been 22 points, while the highest is 928 points!

RummyRoyal is proud to present you this latest game as an addition to their popular gaming platform and community of players. Online Mahjong has the reputation of being a game of the highest skill and concentration. It was frequently referred to as the ‘game of a hundred intelligences’. Now the players of RummyRoyal have a chance to pit their skills in this exciting, new game.

Mahjong is normally played with 4 people and requires a very sharp intellectual ability obtained by many hours of free practice. Usually Mahjong falls under the Tile Games category, very much like Tiled Rummy, but in actual play it is most similar to the family of Rummy games. Sharing its objective with the Rummy games, the objective of Mahjong is to get rid of all the tiles as quickly as possible and form them into to ‘melds’ – groups or sets. As is common with all the rummy games, there are variations in Mahjong, but the game play remains the same – the competitive edge creeps in when the player has to build sets that score the highest points. So, not just ordinary sets of ‘matching’ tiles, but sets that can give the player the highest possible score.

Mahjong is commonly played with at least 136 tiles up to the maximum of 144. The set of tiles have different pictures and designs depending on where the game is being played. Traditional tiles with have a Circle suit, a Bamboo suit, a Character suit, Wind tiles, Dragon tiles and flower tiles. American Mahjong has been standardized by the National Mahjong League and it has very different tiles from the original game. Joker tiles have been introduced, and well as the Charleston and melds of five or more tiles. The standard hand known as ‘The Chow’ is not part of the American version.

RummyRoyal is a website where we take all our members requests, questions, and suggestions to heart. Because this is a new addition to our family of Rummy games available online, we are here to assist any players who need extra attention in learning how to play Mahjong.