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Rummy is the name given to a unique group of skill-based card games. Rummy is a family of card games which are known and respected around the world and which offer hours of fun and amusement for those who know how to play. Online Rummy games are suitable for the whole family and can be played by retirees and teenagers alike. Playing Rummy is inexpensive and great entertainment. Rummy at its best is played between two to four players, although six may also play.

The object of the game is very simple: to pick up and throw away cards while forming them into suitable groups or combinations known as melds. The winner is the first person to get rid of all of their cards, either by being able to 'throw them away' or by being smart enough to form melds.

After being able to play fun Rummy games against other players whether it be for free or for money, RummyRoyal now brings you Traditional Rummy Rooms where you can play in real money ring games and real money Rummy Tournaments! 

Also included are the online games of Gin Rummy, Kalooki 51 (Kaluki), Kalooki 40 and  Rummikub. Rummy Royal now offers you, the player, our ultimate gaming experience! Each Rummy tournament game has its own score card, but there is a set of universal scores that can be used - Ace = 1 point, Faces = 10 points, Others = score matches the number of the card.

Winning Rummy tournaments gives the winner such a great feeling and we at RummyRoyal are here to make sure that your gaming experience is satisfying and stimulating, ensuring you of regular tournament updates and gaming galore for your pleasure and entertainment.

With RummyRoyal, you can learn how to play Rummy in a very short time by watching our easy and informative Gin Rummy demonstration video.  But first, read the Basic Rules section thoroughly once or twice and then the video to se how to put the rules into action. You can watch it as many times as you like so that you become familiar with the game. And lastly, read over our Getting Started page. Experts recommend the best way to learn Rummy is by watching the Gin Rummy demonstration video.

If you come from a family with a card playing background then you may already be au fait with games like Canasta, Oklahoma Gin, Okey, Rummy 500, Tripoley and Mahjong. If not, these are all very easy games to learn right here on RummyRoyal. They are all similar to the basic Rummy game as they fall under the Rummy family by being known as 'draw and discard' games.

We hope to see you as a regular visitor to our site as you join our card-playing family.

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